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Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague announces an Open call for creative and responsible authors* or teams of authors to develop a concept and manual for the use of the courtyard of the Bethlehem Chapel. This is a unique space in the city centre with historic buildings that form a non-commercial and inclusive public space.

The area of the Bethlehem Chapel with the Bethlehem Palace and the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery represents an important cultural and historical landmark, which currently needs revitalization and a new concept for optimal use of the space. The aim of the project is not only to cultivate and revitalise the courtyard, but also to set rules for the harmonious operation of all activities in the Bethlehem Chapel courtyard. It is not a question of building modifications, but of operational management, coordination of use of the space by various actors, variability, functionality, orientation system.

The selected author or author team will work with CTU and other stakeholders in the area through a participatory process. The aim is to create a courtyard concept with an accompanying manual that will be a binding document for all stakeholders in the area. With an emphasis on the revitalization of the front area of the courtyard, the restoration of vegetation, the cultivation of spaces near the buildings and location of café terrace are expected. The selected long-term partner will have the opportunity to collaborate on implementation of the manual and next stages of the development of the site.

There are many activities and several actors involved in the area. The Bethlehem Chapel serves as a tourist destination and also hosts lectures, conferences, concerts and other cultural events. There is a student club and a café with outdoor seating on the ground floor of the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery building, above which is a space for exhibitions and the accompanying programme of the gallery. The Bethlehem Discussions project brings concerts and film screenings to the courtyard and the Lapidarium below the courtyard is used for exhibitions and social events. The administrative premises of the Bethlehem Palace, the future seat of CTU Rector's Office, are part of this extensive complex.

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Václav Suchan