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The Prague City Library will host a day-long program on artificial intelligence on Friday, 3 November. Czech Technical University in Prague will be represented by experts from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology and Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics. And also the robots.

The AI 4 Talents programme for primary and secondary school students will be opened at 9:05 by Professor Jiří Matas from FEL CTU with a lecture "Why should I be interested in artificial intelligence?". The lecture will briefly summarize the impact of AI on current business, but will also present the opportunities in the field and the possible evolution of how AI will one day affect our world, including potential risks. The lecture will be followed by PhD student Vojtěch Cahlík from FIT CTU with a special AI quiz where students can measure their knowledge of AI with their classmates.

Vojtěch Leischner, a PhD student at FEL CTU, will demonstrate that artificial intelligence can be fun at 9:45. Thanks to his juggling balls with built-in gyroscopes and motion sensors, data can not only be seen, but even heard: the balls sing or generate techno music when thrown.

The moderated panel discussion on the topic "AI as a profession" from 11:00 will be attended by the Vice Dean for Cooperation with Industry of FIT CTU doc. Pavel Kordík and Jindřiška Deckerová, a PhD student from FEL CTU, who, together with other guests, will explain what attracted them to AI so much that they decided to pursue it professionally.

The lecture of Professor Daniel Sýkora from FEL CTU, which will start at 13:30 under the title "AI from the Řáholec Forest or can artificial intelligence colour Bedtime shows, convert a 2D film into 3D or make a picture move?"

At AI 4 All, Faculty of Electrical Engineering will also present the popular Spot robodog as an intelligent cleaner: he will be giving a demo of autonomous garbage collection using his robotic arm and artificial intelligence. The Department of Cybernetics at FEL CTU is responsible for training the robopsy.

FIT CTU will also have a robotic demonstration as part of the accompanying programme, with Ozobots this time, showing the use of AI in warehouse logistics. Warehouse logistics represents one of the most successful applications of artificial intelligence: in large modern warehouses, goods are no longer carried by humans, but by robots. But robots need to be taught how to move efficiently in the warehouse so they don't collide and create traffic jams. Experts at FIT CTU in Prague are exploring this task in the RoboAgeLab using small Ozobots in a scale model.

CIIRC CTU will be represented by AI expert Jan Šedivý, specialising in the field of conversational artificial intelligence and natural language processing. At CIIRC CTU, he leads, for example, the Alquist AI student team, which has long been on the podiums of the Amazon Alexa Grand Challenge prize. This year, the team took the bronze medal.

The AI Days will be held at the Prague Municipal Library on 3 November by the non-profit organization The all-day program called AI 4 All promises an unusual spectacle and knowledge not only thanks to the participation of the CTU in Prague. It will introduce through short lectures the connection of AI with the real world in the fields of agriculture, art, mobility or religion. Participants of all ages will be able to create visual or textual works with expert guidance, relax under the guidance of AI, converse with AI experts, explore autonomous vehicles or communicate with voice assistants.

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Kateřina Veselá