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Decarbonisation of the construction industry, recycling of building materials, renewable energy or wooden buildings. A series of four moderated discussions, held at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU in Prague, opens up topics that put the emphasis on sustainability in the construction industry and presents the paths that the field is currently taking. The project is co-produced by UCEEB and the online TV channel Tvize.

"The aim of the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings is to connect science with the commercial and public sectors and bring solutions to society that fulfil the vision of a sustainable future. One of our goals is to promote sustainable building. The cooperation with TVize in the form of moderated discussions is a great way to bring the issue to the general public," says Petr Kuklík from CTU UCEEB.

Green building and renewable energy - prerequisites for reducing the carbon footprint of buildings

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) issues have come to the fore in many companies around the world in recent years. Experts, academics and business people alike are aware of the impact of industry on the environment and are trying to adapt it to have the best possible impact on the planet and the surrounding society. This is also the case in the construction industry, which is responsible for 40% of the world's total CO2 emissions. The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings at CTU in Prague, together with the online TV channel Tvize, organised a series of moderated discussions between academics and representatives of companies from the construction and energy sectors to share experiences and find ways to make buildings more sustainable.

"We are glad that the project has been joined by personalities who have perceived the need for sustainability in the construction industry for a long time. They are interested in sharing their experience with others and thus paving the way for all those who are becoming interested in the issue, whether they are construction companies, real estate developers or representatives of state administration and municipalities," adds René Hradecký from Tvize.

All episodes hosted by Michala Hergetová will be available for free on the Tvize website, as well as on Youtube, Vimeo, Tvize or audio podcast applications:

Community energy will enable the sharing of electricity between people. It will bring green energy to historic city centres

Decarbonisation of the construction industry will require fundamental changes in the mindset of investors and building users

A healthy indoor environment is not only fresh air, but also light, warmth and acoustics. People have different needs.

Timber buildings are common in Europe today, but they are slowly gaining ground in our country. We export timber unnecessarily cheaply.

Jakub Maščuch: We all want to save on energy. But first we need to know how to measure it.


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