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The aim of the motivational scholarship of CTU Faculty of Civil Engineering is to support high school students who excel in mathematics and who have made an excellent start to their undergraduate studies at the faculty. This year, 100 students of the first year of bachelor's degree programmes received the motivational scholarship, and a total of CZK 757,500 was paid to them. The scholarship is also ready for students entering the new academic year; those interested in studying can now take advantage of the 2nd round of the admission procedure, and they can apply to study until 31 July 2023.

"We created the one-off incentive scholarship in 2020 and have been awarding it regularly ever since. We want to support secondary school students with excellent results in mathematics from their secondary school studies who have also started their studies at our faculty very successfully, but can only receive the scholarship from the second semester onwards. Depending on their academic results, students can receive CZK 10,000 or CZK 7,500 thanks to the scholarship. We see it as a form of thanks for their interest in studying civil engineering, architecture or geodesy at our faculty," says Prof. Zuzana Pešková, Vice-Dean for Pedagogical Activities of Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU in Prague.

Students appreciate the incentive scholarship. Ivana Hofmanová from the faculty's study department says: "We are asked about it both by newly admitted first-year students and by applicants when they apply. Students do not have to apply for this scholarship, it is paid automatically based on their academic results."

The scholarship is also appreciated by David Dubský, who is in his first year of studying the Bachelor of Civil Engineering programme. "The scholarship of CZK 7,500 that I received was very appealing for me. It helped me to finance my accommodation, so I didn't have to work part-time, but I could devote myself fully to my studies. So I killed two birds with one stone."

The motivational scholarship is also available for students who will start their studies at Faculty of Civil Engineering in the new academic year 2023/2024. To obtain it, it is necessary to obtain 30 credits from the standard study plan in the first semester of study and at the same time to prove the specified academic results from high school or from the admission procedure to the faculty.  For students who pass the Mathematics Extension Matriculation Examination (CERMAT) with a success rate of 85-100%, a scholarship of CZK 10,000 is available, while a scholarship of CZK 7,500 is available for students who prove a grade average of 1.00 on their report card in the subject of Mathematics and have graduated according to the Czech or Slovak Education Act, or if they receive 19 or 20 points out of 20 possible points in the mathematics admission test at Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Candidates can still apply to study at CTU Faculty of Civil Engineering in the academic year 2023/2024. Applications for the second round of the admission procedure can be submitted until 31 July 2023 for all Bachelor's degree programmes - Civil engineering, Architecture and Building sciences, Surveying and Cartography, Management and Economics in Construction, Construction Engineering, Scenic Technologies and Civil Engineering in english.

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