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ScienceFest! - the largest outdoor science festival in the Czech Republic is approaching fast. This anticipated and inspiring day of action, which takes place on 21 June from 8.30 to 19.30, will present 103 exhibitions in one place, again in Prague's Dejvice on Vítězné náměstí. This year's ScienceFest will focus on the theme "The Roots of Science" and will introduce visitors to the amazing world of scientific knowledge.


Science is ubiquitous and essential to our daily lives. Without science, we would not be able to achieve the progress and knowledge that the things around us bring. Science is useful and interesting, and this will be demonstrated at ScienceFest by exhibitions from various fields of science and research.

At the festival, you will meet exhibitors from universities, leisure institutions and companies involved in scientific research and science popularisation. You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and discoveries in various fields. PPG will show that you can paint with their paints not only at home, but also in science experiments. Modern technologies that facilitate large-scale construction will be presented, as well as a virtual excavator. Faculty of Arts at Charles University will take you into the lives of people during the Thirty Years' War, and the medical faculty will introduce modern trends and technology in teaching and how we should take care of our own health.

"ScienceFest is entering its second decade. We have again prepared many new surprises and action experiments for all visitors. We believe that everyone will find something that interests them," says Libor Bezděk, director of DDM, hl. Prague.

The planetarium will take you into the depths of space in broad daylight, the CZU will introduce you to the secret life of the forest and introduce you to the food of the future - worms. Microscopic algae as the food of the future and the fact that microbes are all around us will be shown by the Institute of Microbiology of the CAS. Water managers will explain the water cycle in nature and teach you how to manage water. Faculty of Education of Charles University will teach visitors how not to waste food. Ceitec together with the BUT will reveal how long different materials take to decompose in nature, and Air Products will teach about the presence and use of gases around us. You will learn about hydrogen-powered cars from Valeo, the Prague Zoo will introduce you to endangered animal species in nature and the preservation of their species, and the latest technologies will be presented by the Czech Army and the firefighters from Prague Airport. The Czech Geological Survey will teach you how to pan for gold, surveyors will introduce visitors to map surveying, libraries will show you how to robotize their book collection and the Smíchov Industrial School will show you what the school of the future looks like.

However, ScienceFest is not just about passively watching and observing. Visitors can actively participate in the quiz fun via Instagram answers and compete for exciting prizes.

On the festival stage, you can enjoy a programme all day long, during which you won't be bored for a moment. For example, with FameLab, canine heroes, exciting chemistry, but also lots of technology and colour. The end of the programme on the theme of Science and Knowledge will belong to the well-known scientist Václav Cílek, the debate will be led by journalist Martin Tyburec and together they will provide visitors with an inspiring end to the festival.

ScienceFest is an event for everyone, regardless of age. We want to reach out to young curious minds as well as adult scientists and enthusiasts. Come and join us for a unique showcase of science and research, discover the fascinating world around us and get carried away by the roots of science.

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We look forward to your participation in the unforgettable 11th edition of ScienceFest in Dejvice, Prague on 21 June!

ScienceFest is intended for students and pupils of secondary and primary schools and the curious public of all ages.

Admission to the event is FREE

ScienceFest is a joint project of the House of Children and Youth of the Capital City of Prague. Prague, Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague and Czech Technical University in Prague since 2011. The event is supported by the Prague 6 municipality.

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Adriana Rajmová