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This year's ninth edition of the symposium, held on 25 and 26 May 2023 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Faculty of Transportation Sciences of CTU in Prague and was connected with another important international conference - the 21st European Transportation Congress. After several years, the symposium returned to the beautiful premises of the National Technical Library in Dejvice, Prague.

The symposium was traditionally held under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda, Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela and now also Minister of Transport Martin Kupka.

The symposium was jointly opened by the Dean of the faculty Ondřej Přibyl, the Prague City Councillor for Innovation Martin Mazur, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Martina Děvěrová and Chairman of the Executive Committee of European Platform of Transport Sciences Janos Toth.

This year's event focused mainly on sustainable mobility and the current energy crisis. The symposium has long aimed to be a multidisciplinary platform for sharing not only new technologies, but also and above all experience with their practical application in everyday life. Keynote speakers this year were CCAM Vice President Christian Scharnhorst, Professor Lech Suwala from TU Berlin, Felix Metzger from BVG (Berlin) and Porie Saikia-Eapen from MTA (New York). In addition, some partner companies made presentations, such as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise on Cybersecurity principles in modern distributed world, and Smart Plan on Matrix of Movement - Academia, Private, and Public Sectors Driving the Future of Transportation.

The symposium is supported by a number of other international companies, including VDT Technology, ČD Informační Systémy, SUDOP Group, ČD Cargo, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Czech Post, CONTINENTAL, Smart Plan, Association for Transport Telematics, Správa železnic (Railway Administration) and Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic.

An integral part of the symposium was also this year's fortnight-long international student workshop, where students from the American partner university University of Texas at El Paso together with students from Faculty of Transportation Sciences tackled real-life topics from practice assigned by our partners, mostly from the ranks of local governments. This time they dealt with, for example, the traffic junction at Veleslavín or proposals for transport solutions for the cities of Slany and Říčany in cooperation with our partner, CYTIA.  The results of their work were then presented on the second day of the symposium to representatives of the respective administrative units, participants of the symposium, and especially to the Dean of the College of Engineering of UTEP University Kenith Meissner, who visited Faculty of Transportation Sciences and the symposium in the past few days.

During the symposium it was possible to meet a number of other distinguished guests, such as Camille Kamga (Executive Director of The City College of New York), Audrey Schultz (Professor at Pratt Institute) and the world renowned architect Eva Le Peutrec.

The gala evening of the symposium took place in the beautiful and stylish premises of the National Technical Museum in Prague, which perfectly underlined the atmosphere of this important international event. In the unique backdrop of transport history, the celebration of 30 years of the faculty was officially launched, and awards were presented to commemorate 15 years of collaboration between the American university UTEP and the faculty, and the Friedrich List Award for the most outstanding scientific work by a young author. The social gathering was enriched with music by the unique Duo Professores, composed of the former and current Dean of the faculty, Professor Miroslav Svítek, and Professor Ondřej Přibyl.

SCSP2023 in a nutshell: 

  • 42 papers on System approach to Smart Cities transformation; Information and Data Processing; Livable Cities; Smart Cities Modeling and City Resiliency
  • 220 attandees from 15 countries around the globe
  • Special workshop for the project H2020 STORM
  • Invited lectures:
    • „Combining Smartness and awakening the Sleeping Beauty? Berlin‘s Zukunftsorte and the new Berlin-Brandenburg Regional development strategy“ by Lech Suwala (TU Berlin)
    • „Smart City and Sustainable Mobility“ by Porie Saikia-Eapen (MTA NY)
    • Vehicle automation – which desire can be fulfilled? by Christian Scharnhorst (CCAM)
    • „Autonomous vehicles as an opportunity for the transition to sustainable transport“ by Felix Metzger (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe)
    • „When Fifteen Years Pass: A Story of CTU and UTEP Successful Collaboration“ by Kelvin Cheu surrogate for Carlose Ferreguta (The University of Texas at El Paso)

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Author of the photographs is Lukáš Kozel

[1] – SThe symposium attracted over 220 people from 15 countries

[2] – Porie Saikia-Eapen from MTA NY (New York, USA)

[3] – Musical performance of Duo Professores at the SCSP 2023 gala

[4] – Students present their projects to a professional audience

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