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Showing teachers in particular practical ways of using mathematics in various fields is the main goal of the Mathematics for Life seminary. It is jointly organized by Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FJFI) and Faculty of Education of Charles University (PFUK). The course is included in the continuing education of teaching staff (DVPP), but students are also invited to participate. The fifth year of the course will take place again in full-time form in the FJFI building at Trojanova 13, Prague 2 on Friday 13 January 2023 at 9.00.

"The previous four editions of the seminar have had a very positive response from all participants and many return to it repeatedly. We therefore try to find new topics and personalities who can present them in an interesting way," explains doc. Lubomíra Dvořáková from the Department of Mathematics of  FFJFI, who is preparing the event together with her colleague doc. Jan Vybíral.

This year, participants will be able to learn how important mathematics is at sea and in the air. Or how to use mathematics to set prices in shops where margins need to be balanced while not putting off customers. Mathematics is also very useful in linguistics, which, among other things, helps us with increasingly high-quality automatic translations. Linear programming is used in public transport to create timetables, geometric modelling is used in architecture, in the automotive industry, in the energy industry to create turbines, and even in medicine. Participants will also see the use of mathematical modelling in ecology and in monitoring and predicting epidemics. The lectures will be given by leading experts from various universities, in addition to CTU and Charles University, also from Comenius University in Bratislava, University of South Bohemia and University of West Bohemia.

"Not only do we try to present the participants with examples of applied mathematics through our seminar, but we also see an important role in bringing together people who like mathematics. Meeting colleagues and students who are interested in mathematics enriches us mutually and motivates all to continue our work," adds doc. Jan Vybíral.

The Mathematics for Life seminary was inspired by the series of seminars Mathematical Problems of Non-Mathematicians, which has been prepared for many years by FJFI together with MFF UK for their own students and from other universities.

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Jan Kadeřábek