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Small and modular reactors (SMRs) are becoming a reality and the first such reactor is already being built in the Czech Republic. The ČEZ Group will present its SMR programme and the South Bohemia Nuclear Park, information on the potential for the use of small reactors in the Czech Republic and worldwide, and a description of the current situation in the development of SMRs. All this will be presented at the traditional conference Small and Modular Reactors SMR, which will be held by Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FJFI) in its main building (Břehová 7, Prague 1) on Tuesday, 7 February 2023 in cooperation with the Alveda agency.

"While in the first years of the conference Small and Modular Reactors, the discussion was more about concepts of this type of reactors, now we are moving to concrete plans and technical solutions," explains doc. Václav Čuba, Dean of FJFI, who is opening the conference. "I am glad that this conference offers, among other things, the opportunity to meet many of our graduates who are already directly involved in the use of nuclear energy in various companies or institutions. At the same time, it shows current and future students that there is a future in nuclear, that humanity cannot do without nuclear," adds doc. Václav Čuba.

The conference starts at 10:00 and after the opening speech, a representative of one of the regions will present his/her perspective on SMRs in the regional energy sector. A representative of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic will complement the overall view on the issue of small reactors and their role in the energy concept of the Czech Republic. Representatives of the largest Czech electricity producer - CEZ Group - and the transmission system operator - CEPS - will also give a speech. There will also be a presentation of the possibilities of using SMR for heat supply for the needs of industrial plants. Of course, there will also be an overview of all Czech projects in the field of SMR and a look at the current situation in the development and production of small reactors in the world.

The afternoon session will also briefly introduce SMR projects from leading manufacturers: GE Hitachi, Holtec International, Westinghouse, NuScale Power, KHNP, Nuward EdF a Rolls-Royce.

Small modular reactors

The Small Modular Reactor (SMR) makes it possible to build a nuclear power plant essentially like a kit. The reactors are manufactured in a unified way at the manufacturer's premises and then the individual building modules are assembled according to the user's needs. The uniform modules allow for simpler and therefore faster approval, construction and, of course, subsequent operation. Due to their small size, high flexibility and lower power output, SMRs can be placed directly where the generated electricity or heat is needed, reducing the demands on the transmission grid.

Further information about the conference and its programme can be found at the web.

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Jan Kadeřábek