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The CTU Centre for International Development Projects organizes the 5th Project Marathon (9 - 11 December 2022). At the marathon, participants from among students and the public, with the support of the ICWD team, create a specific development project for a specific non-profit organization active in the field of international humanitarian or development projects. At this Project Marathon, we will be designing a new use of a community centre in Ghana for Humanitas Africa, o.p.s.

The project marathon will start at Faculty of Civil Engineering on Friday 9 December at 17.00. First, Humanitas Africa will present its plans for the future and over the weekend participants will work together to find solutions and work on the project design. The event is often attended by students of architecture and civil engineering, but is open to all those interested in foreign development projects who want to experience their technical preparation in practice. No prior in-depth technical knowledge is required to participate. Students from technical and non-technical schools, development projects memebers and the public interested in the subject are invited.

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Humanitarian and development organisations often need the advice of technically trained experts if their projects are to work well, even technically. The mere involvement of technically trained professionals in foreign development projects increases the likelihood that the resulting structures and infrastructure will last longer and serve better. "Our experience reinforces our belief that an interdisciplinary approach leads to better quality development projects," adds Dr. Tillinger.

The Project Marathon is supported by a grant from Czech Development Agency from the funds of Foreign Development Cooperation of the Czech Republic. Within the framework of the same project, a series of lectures Development Wednesdays, a summer school Development September and lectures "Buildings in Context" for secondary schools and 8th-9th grades of elementary schools are also held this year, which are free of charge for schools.

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Kateřina Veselá