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Students of Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the CTU in Prague (FJFI) can get up to one million crowns for their start-up in the Start-up@FJFI competition. All participants will receive initial mentoring, during which experienced entrepreneurs will show them how to build and develop a company. The entire project with the competition was prepared by the faculty in cooperation with the investment company Presto Ventures and ČSOB, which runs the Start It @ČSOB start-up accelerator.

"Our graduates will definitely not be lost on the job market, but I believe that many of them have ideas for extremely interesting projects in their heads, but they are sometimes afraid to turn them into reality. Together with Presto Ventures and Start It @ČSOB we will show them that their fears are unnecessary," explains the Vice Dean for Pedagogy doc. Milan Krbálek.

"I am a graduate of Jaderka myself and I know that it is an elite and demanding school. The students who 'survive' to the end are certainly among the most talented and hardworking in our market. And from my own experience as a teacher at the faculty, I have seen that they are also extremely creative, entrepreneurial and successful in extracurricular activities, sports, music... It is precisely such people who have the best prerequisites to build successful products and companies and become future global companies with Czech roots. We want to show them that starting a business is not that difficult and we will help them with the first steps," says Přemysl Rubeš, founder and head of Presto Ventures and a graduate of FJFI.


FJFI students can submit their project to the Start-up@FJFI competition. They can be individuals or teams of up to five people, where at least half of the members must be from FJFI. Applications for the competition will be due in December 2022. The jury will then select the teams for the mentoring programme. The selection of one to three winning projects will take place by the end of June 2023.


"Přemysl Rubeš has been leading the Startup Project seminar for the fourth year. The Start-up @FJFI competition arose from discussions on how to motivate students not to let their ideas lie fallow and to start implementing them," adds doc. Milan Krbálek.

In addition to the fact that Přemysl Rubeš will lead the seminar and will provide mentoring to the participants together with his colleagues, his company Presto Ventures will contribute 70 percent of the initial investment in the winning project(s). The remaining part will be invested directly by the faculty. The winning ideas from the Start-up@FJFI competition will also receive a wild card to the Start It @ČSOB accelerator programme. The latter is already offering a voluntary two-day preparatory workshop for students on 25-27 November 2022 to all interested students before the start of the competition.


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Jan Kadeřábek