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High-school students will be able to experience scientific work first-hand at the Science Week at Jaderka event, which will be held again this year from 19 Sunday to 24 Friday, June 2022 by the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FJFI). Participants can expect lectures on various topics, but mainly work in small groups on projects that they choose during the registration process. The topics cover practically the entire range of the faculty from mathematics, chemistry, physics to computer science.

"The Science Week at Jaderka not only gives high school students the opportunity to learn something new and get involved in a scientific project, but at the same time they get to know our faculty, teachers and current students who are involved in the Science Week at Jaderka," explains Vojtěch Svoboda from the Department of Physics at FJFI, who is the main organizer of the Science Week at Jaderka, and adds: "Most importantly, they will experience the unique atmosphere that prevails here at Jaderka."

Science Week at Jaderka is a comprehensive project for high school students, involving practically the entire faculty, as well as staff from other scientific institutions involved in the event. More than a hundred teachers and students of FJFI are directly involved in its organization, many of them throughout the week. Participants will be able, among other things, to control the fission reaction in the VR-1 Vrabec nuclear reactor, ignite thermonuclear fusion in the Golem tokamak, work with lasers and visit a number of leading Czech scientific workplaces where the public does not normally have access.

Prospective students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia are applying for the Science Week at Jaderka and most of them will be accommodated in the dormitories during the event. The participation fee is 500 CZK (participants of various competitions and Olympics have discounts), the total price including possible accommodation in the dormitory, lunches and breakfasts will not exceed 2500 CZK. The maximum number of participants is limited by the capacity of the largest lecture hall, which can accommodate 180 people.

This year marks the 22nd edition of Science Week at Jaderka, the last two having been cancelled due to Covid. In addition to FJFI and CTU, the event is supported by a grant from the Ministry of Education and Youth of the Czech Republic.

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Photography from the Science Week at Jaderka 2019 can be found at CTU media library.

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