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For two years, the covid-19 pandemic affected the lives of people across Europe. It brought with it a wide range of social changes, many of which are apparently irreversible. The analysis of these changes was therefore given by the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies of the Czech Technical University in Prague to the 11th conference of the Regional Development Between Theory and Practice series, this time under the title "Impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on the development of regions of Europe".

The conference was held under the auspices of the director of the Institute of Social Sciences Prof. Vladimír Dvořáková in the second half of May 2022; in addition to attendance, it was also possible to connect online. The invited speakers from Central Europe took part in the first block. The meeting was opened by Prof. Egon Smeral from the Modul University in Vienna, who dealt with the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the regions and countries of Europe in the field of economics and tourism. It was followed by a presentation by a team from the Jagellon University in Krakow under the leadership of Prof. Anna Karwiňská, who analysed the impact of the pandemic in terms of the effects in the field of tourism on the case study from Krakow. Prof. Antonio Roldan-Ponce from the Fachhochschule in Dresden focused on the impacts of covid-19 from the point of view of scenario analysis, Prof. Tom Kauko from Budapest examined the impacts of the pandemic on the real estate market. Mgr. Miroslav Daněk from the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic dealt with the impacts of covid-19 and the strategy for further development of the regions of the Czech Republic, and the meeting of the morning section was concluded by Dr. Petr Štěpánek summarizing the impacts of the pandemic on the residential market in Prague.

The afternoon session was devoted to the issue of the impact of the pandemic in the Czech Republic. Participants discussed a number of possible points of view in their presentations, from the issue of waste in the area of strategic planning, to the consequences of the changes caused by the pandemic in the area of tourism, to the impact of the pandemic on the rural area. One of the most important sub-topics addressed at the conference was the issue of the long-term consequences of the pandemic and their influence on the development of the education system in the Czech Republic.

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Records of the conference presentations will also appear at the same link.

Selected contributions from the conference will be published in the journal Regional Development between Theory and Practice ( and will also be available to those who, for time or other reasons, could not attend the conference.


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