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Celebration for all studying hight performance athletes will take place on 24-28 June 2024. The 22nd annual Czech Academic Games is organized by the Technical University in Liberec and the athletes will visit the North Bohemian metropolis.

We invite all performance athletes of CTU, whose sports performance is at the level of the Czech Academic Championship, to apply for the Czech Academic Games 2024. Join the fight for top positions in the disciplines of the Czech Academic Games. Students representing CTU in individual sports should apply until 5 June 2024 at the CTU ÚTVS secretariat (contact:, +420 233 357 353 ). To register for the competition you need to provide: first name, surname, date of birth, faculty, student ID, email, phone, sport, discipline, account number for payment of fees, performance, and the SI number in case of orienteering run. For accommodation, please provide date, address and OP number.

Together, by our participation and placement, we will help CTU to get the best possible position in the school ranking.
Fingers crossed!