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Modeling the development of the epidemic situation, the relationship between mathematics and the Czech language, music in numbers, image as an algorithm - these are just some of the topics of lectures in the full-day seminar Mathematics for Life, organized for the third time by the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU in Prague (FNSPE) together with Faculty of Education, Charles University (UK). The course included in the further education of pedagogical staff (DVPP) is intended primarily for secondary and primary school teachers, and in the previous two years the interest was always higher than the capacity. The next year, which will take place on Friday 15 January 2020 from 9.00, will take place both in person in the FNSPE building in Trojanova 13, Prague 2 (if the current epidemic situation allows) and online, so there will be no capacity problems.

"Thanks to the online version, we will not have to reject any interested party this year; on the contrary, even students or the public interested in mathematics and its applications can apply. Selected lecturers from various institutions can present their topics in a very interesting and non-professional public - and this is the goal of our seminar. To offer teachers interesting mathematical topics so that they can inspire their students for this subject, “says doc. Jan Vybíral from the Department of Mathematics (KM), FNSPE , who, together with doc. Lubomíra Dvořáková prepares the event.


The program is always provided by leading experts dealing with the application of mathematics in various fields. René Levínský from the CERGE Institute uses mathematics to explain economic phenomena and game theory, doc. Karel Oliva from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University (MFF UK) specializes in mathematical linguistics, Jaroslav Hlinka from the Institute of Informatics of the ASCR deals with the functioning of the human brain, Vítězslav Kala from MFF UK deals with number theory and Jan Volec from FNSPE with so-called large graphs, which can be used for the analysis of social networks or the Internet… Teachers could also be very interested in the lecture of doc. Antonín Jančařík from the Faculty of Education, Charles University, who is an expert in the field of mathematics didactics and focuses on the use of ICT in teaching mathematics.


The event Mathematics for Life is partly based on a series of seminars Mathematical Problems of Non-Mathematicians, which has been being prepared jointly by the FNSPE together with the MFF UK for many years. In two-week cycles, it brings students not only the above-mentioned faculties, but also various lectures to students from other universities and other interested parties thanks to online broadcasts. Most of them are recorded and can be watched any time later.


"Among mathematicians, there's no need to reassure each other of the beauty and charm of our field of interest. And all these activities are aimed at gaining more enthusiastic students for this subject, the use of which is practically unfathomable, "explains doc. Lubomíra Dvořáková.

Further information about the seminar and the possibility of registration can be found on the website.


Contact person: Jan Kadeřábek