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Those interested in participating in the nationwide high school competition, which revolves around the energy phenomena of the future, can register only until the end of October. Success will open the way for them to college without entrance exams.

High school students can enter the third year of the Energy Olympics competition until 31 October, 2020. The school round will take place on 6 November and the finals will take place from 11 to 13 November. Students from the first three teams will be admitted to study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering  without entrance exams. In addition, the winning team will receive a bonus of CZK 50,000. Due to epidemiological measures, all rounds of the competition will take place online this year.


Electromobility, the energy market and electricity trading, storage, renewables and other alternative energy sources, smart grids, energy management, energy savings - these are topics that resonate with society, and thanks to the Energy Olympics, students have the opportunity to understand them more deeply.

The Energy Olympiad was founded three years ago by Adéla Holasová, a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The competition for high school students follows on from her long-term project Energy Literacy, with which it regularly visits primary and secondary school pupils and acquaints them through an interactive presentation with basic topics in the field of energy.


Knowledge of energy as such is not key to success, you don't even have to be a physics expert. "It is enough to be able to search for and use information, process assignments and present the results correctly," says Adéla Holasová, the project manager of the competition. Teams with a multidisciplinary outreach that have been able to cover a wider range of disciplines have long been the most successful. "For example, a combination of a technically oriented student, ecologist and economist can be optimal," adds Adéla Holasová.

Last year, 1,207 students took part in the Energy Olympics, solving energy issues in teams of up to three members. 30 teams advanced to the Prague finals. The first three places were taken by teams from Gymnázium Opatov, Gymnázium Arabská and Secondary Industrial School Zlín. The organizer of the olympics is the company Energetická gramotnost, in cooperation with ČEPS and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. More information about the Energy Olympics can be found via the link