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An innovative online hackathon will take place from 1 to 3 May. Here, talented students will join forces with experts to help companies cope with the economic consequences of coronavirus. The aim is to invent innovations that will help companies, institutions or organizations to mitigate the effects of the current unfavorable situation. Topics will be, for example, help in Prague, education or stabilization of companies. The event is organized mainly by students and employees of the Faculty of Information Technology CTU in Prague (FIT CTU) with the support of the capital city of Prague or the initiative.

Many domestic companies are losing their prosperity significantly due to epidemiological measures, and their future is uncertain to say the least. At the online hackathon, students, along with innovators and business representatives, will seek solutions to future prosperity.

Some companies are considering ways to deal with the current epidemiological constraints economically. Hackathon is therefore an opportunity for them to present a problem to innovators and they will come up with a suitable solution that can be implemented in practice. The result should be new ideas for services or products that will help companies recover as best they can and remain competitive on the market in the future.
The hackathon will also feature mentors - people from the professional community who will help teams with their projects. In addition to invaluable cooperation with experienced experts, the subsequent cooperation on the resulting projects will serve as a motivation for innovators.
Companies, institutions or organizations can join the hackathon by sending their project proposals (a problem they need to solve) by 29 April 2020 via a simple web form on the event's website. Subsequently, more specific assignments for the participating teams of innovators will be formulated from the proposals in cooperation with mentors, so that the result has the best possible effect. In addition to innovations for companies, the organizers also chose innovations for the city, online education and online healthcare as topics of the projects. Thanks to the involvement of, they also expect abundant use of modern methods of artificial intelligence. The resulting projects should be tangible in practice and developed with specific companies, city or state. More information can be found on the website

Contact person: Ondřej Brém