Publication date: 
Dear English speaking students, CTU suspended all teaching activities for the following two weeks (with prospect of prolongation of this period – if situation requires).

This measure is caused by fast spread of the coronavirus, which we have to stop. The main tool to slow down the epidemic spread is to disperse people, avoid large concentration of persons – for example during lectures and other teaching activities. Therefore we have stopped all contact teaching activities. University will try to switch to remote teaching techniques as soon as it will be possible. We will help you if necessary to overcome problems connected with this dropout. Our staff will help with providing you literature and other resources necessary for remote studies.

In case of problems, please contact vice-rector Gabriela Achtenova, we will help to solve it!

At this moment it is very important to stay calm, to keep high spirits and avoid panic. We will help you, if needed! Please contact vice-rector Gabriela Achtenova for support.

With best regards

Vojtech Petracek