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The Center for International Development Projects (ICWD) of CTU organizes a poster exhibition in the CTU-CIIRC building until 14 February. This demonstrates the reflection of CTU students on the development and humanitarian problems of the world. Before creating a project, each individual or group chose an area where they felt the need to contribute with a technical project. They then carried out a comprehensive assessment of the conditions on the ground: from climate, through the availability and properties of materials, on-site technologies, transport, to the social and cultural habits of local people. Based on this, projects of schools, kindergartens, community centers, small clinics and so on were created.

The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate that CTU is devoted to the whole spectrum of knowledge, in addition to robots and intelligent buildings, as well as architecture for the most needed. Emphasis in designing was put on functionality, comprehensiveness, repairability and replicability. Buildings should primarily serve the given operations, the technologies used should be understandable to the locals, who should also be able to repair and replicate it in local conditions. Most of the projects ťxpresented were created by international students in the courses of Engineering in Developing Countries, Civil Engineering in Developing Countries and Specialized Project 2, taught at the Department of Building Structures of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

The International Centre for World Development started its activities at CTU in 2018. The Center is a multi-disciplinary academic platform aiming at expanding the offer of technical education in the field of international (not only) development projects. “We are striving to improve and expand education opportunities in the technical aspects of humanitarian and development projects and to deepen cooperation between academia and organizations involved in the implementation of development projects,” says Jan Tilinger. Video about the center can be found here.


Centrum pro mezinárodní rozvojové projekty (International Centre for World Development) zahájilo na ČVUT svou činnost v roce 2018. Centrum je multioborová akademická platforma usilující a rozšíření nabídky technického vzdělávání v oblasti mezinárodních (nejen) rozvojových projektů. „Usilujeme o zkvalitnění a rozšíření možností vzdělávání v oblasti technických aspektů humanitárních a rozvojových projektů a o prohloubení spolupráce mezi akademickou sférou a organizacemi zapojenými v realizaci rozvojových projektů,“ uvádí Jan Tilinger. Video o centru najdete zde.

The subject Engineering in developing countries is often sought by foreign students and is unique not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the context of European education in general.


In addition to this exhibition, the Center also organizes a regular series of lectures for students and the public called Development Wednesdays, where technical projects implemented not only by Czech organizations abroad are presented. In addition to representatives of organizations such as Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, People in Need, Kedjom Keku, Siriri or the Czech Development Agency, leading experts also gave lectures, such as: doc. Miroslav Sedlacek, Ing. Jindřich Ráftl, Ing. Ondřej Horký Hlucháň, Ph.D., or army specialist Mgr. Radek Thums.


More information about lectures can be found here:

Contact person: Jan Tilinger