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At the ceremonial session of the CTU scientific board, which will be held at the Bethlehem Chapel on 17 January from 10 o´clock, architect Miroslav Šik will recieve CTU honoraray doctorate from hands of CTU rector, prof. Petr Konvalinka.

Miroslav Šik is among the most respected figures of contemporary international architectural scene. He studied at the ETH in Zurich. He was a student of Italian architect and theorist prof. Aldo Rossi, one of the leading architects of the late 20th century.

He stayed at ETH Zurich even after graduation, engaged in exploration of Swiss architecture of the 2nd World War and was assistant to major Swiss architect, prof. Fabio Reinhart. In early 80´s, he founded his own architectural office in Zurich. In late 80´s he formulated the so called Analogue Architecture theory, which proposes architecture based on the local context, in accordance with its surroundings, without the external effects, made up by conventional materials and trying to link the old with the new.

From 1990 to 1992, he taught at the CTU Faculty of Architecture and influenced a generation of young Czech architects (the New Czech Work group - M. Kuzemenský, M. Chalupa, D. Kraus, J. Šépka J. Matula and others).

After his invovlment in Prague, he taught at EPF Lausanne and in 1999, he received professorship at the prestigious university of ETH in Zurich, where he currently holds position of professor of architecture and design.

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