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CTU Faculty of Transportation Sciences started cooperation with the Secondary Industrial School of Transport, which became its first faculty school. Together they want to promote technical education in the field of transport.

On the occasion of the Student Projects Fair at the Secondary Industrial School of Transportation in Motol (SPŠD) on 12 June 2024, a ceremonial signing of the contract on granting the title of Faculty School of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of CTU in Prague (CTU FD) took place. This contract was signed in the carriage of tram T3R.P number 8466.

The aim of the cooperation is to ensure quality education of future professionals in the field of transportation, logistics and transport management. It will open the way for teachers and students of the SPŠD to have access to superior information and educational programmes, research and innovation activities of the CTU. At the same time, SPŠD will have the opportunity to attract quality teachers for teaching professional technical subjects.

On behalf of the Faculty, the contract was signed by the Dean prof. Ing. Ondřej Přibyl, Ph.D., and for the Secondary Industrial School of Transportation Director, Ing. Lukáš Sobotka. Representatives of the management of the founder of the school, the Transport Company of the capital city of Brno were also present. Prague (DPP), headed by General Director Ing. Petr Witowski, as well as pupils of the SPŠD, academic staff and CTU students.

Prof. Ing. Ondřej Přibyl, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Transport CTU said: "I am very pleased that within the framework of our partnership, high school students will, among other things, be involved in project-based learning at our faculty, so that their entry into the university environment will be much easier and more pleasant for them. Transportation affects each and every one of us and is thus a society-wide issue that also affects our future, and I am therefore very pleased that we have been able to establish a deeper cooperation and partnership with the SPŠD. Young people, students, will have a significant stake in the future, not only in terms of transport, but in the development of our country as a whole. At present, the whole of society is facing a big drop in interest in studying technical fields. I am convinced that such a link is the best way to introduce such an interesting topic."

Ing. Lukáš Sobotka, director of the SPŠD, added: "This cooperation agreement is a great opportunity for our pupils and teachers, who will gain access to professional knowledge, educational programmes and innovative activities in the field of transportation. I believe that our partnership will bring many positive benefits not only for our pupils but also for their future employers." Lukáš Sobotka also highlighted that the school has included teaching from academics or practitioners across disciplines for several years, but also acknowledged that this has often been a shorter-term collaboration that has only impacted some years and disciplines. "We want this form of collaboration to become embedded in the curriculum as an integral part of the curriculum, so that it allows students to make a natural transition into the university environment after graduation without fear and with more confidence than they have done to date."

The programme included a joint discussion between representatives of both schools, DPP management, a tour of projects by SPŠD pupils, CTU students (CTU Lions) and a commented ride on the "school" tram line 10.