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Participants of this year's StreTech 2024 showcase of high school students' work were greeted by two large exhibits in front of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague on 5 June 2024. The Stirling engine drive in a parabolic mirror and the Model of a single-seater car construction. Another of almost two hundred exhibits were presented by talented high school students in the corridor connecting Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The traditional event High School Technology - StreTech 2024 was attended by young creators from 61 high schools from all over the Czech Republic. The show and presentations were preceded by an official meeting of representatives of high schools and academic staff of CTU. At the opening ceremony, the Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, doc. M. Španiel invited the teachers to evaluate the cooperation in a discussion and to tell what could be improved by CTU. He also recalled the important anniversary of the Faculty, when 160 years ago the teaching of mechanical engineering began at the Prague Technical University. Several academic dignitaries of CTU also spoke. There were also thanks for the preparation of quality and motivated students, appreciation of valuable exhibits and comments on the forms of their preparation for the demanding studies at the faculties as well as the opportunity to involve senior high school students in EuroTeQ Collider projects. After a short discussion, the educators moved to the fourth floor where the presentation of the original student projects officially started.

The aim of the StreTech 2024 conference is to enable the meeting and presentation of the work of students and their high schools at the CTU in Prague. The university is thus trying to find, concentrate and support active and creative high school students in an accessible way. The topics were not limited in any way, according to the proposal. The works were focused on technical, natural sciences or humanities and arts. The presentations covered the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and computer science, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, chemistry, physics, economics, design and social sciences. Work was both individual and team-based, and projects tied to quality high school instruction were common. During the workshop, students presented their projects to visitors in the form of a poster or model, while others presented electronically on a laptop. The interest of visitors, including CTU teachers, in the work of talented students was considerable. It confirmed that this year's StreTech event was once again a success.

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