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Is it possible to program a working computer game in 48 hours? The participants of the GameHack game development competition tried it out under the guidance of experts at FIT CTU in Prague on 17-19 November 2023.

As a result, eight new games are now available to play. The absolute winner of both the jury and the online voting was the adventure game Evershift by two students of FIT CTU.

In total, the GameHack event attracted two dozen participants. In addition to CTU students, two CTU FIT employees and students of the Secondary Industrial School in Prosek came for hackin session, who without previous experience took the event as a challenge and managed to create a functional game. Expert advice was provided by teachers of graphic subjects from FIT CTU throughout the 48 hours.

The task for the participants was to create a fully functional computer game based on two of the three game themes (new world, curse and prisoner's dilemma) and two of the three game modification mechanics (mirrors, deus ex machina and eclipse). The games were then evaluated in two phases. Guests from Warhorse, together with the organisers, selected and announced the three jury prizes. This was followed by a weekly vote on the platform, where aspects such as gameplay, visuals, music and the use of themes and modifiers were evaluated.

The winner of the online voting and the favourite of the Warhorse judges was the game Evershift, by Daniel Breiner and Matej Stieranka, students of FIT CTU. It is a rogue-like fantasy adventure game in which you fight against a malicious mage who has caused an eternal eclipse on earth. It impressed with its gameplay and novel game concepts, as well as the fact that it contained practically everything one could expect from such a gamejam game - intro, story, engaging visuals and captivating music.

The organizers' prize was awarded to the minimalistic but very carefully designed game Subject 42, and surprisingly also to the very successful Mirror Inca by a team consisting of members of the Department of Software Engineering.

In addition to the game development itself, quizzes and a competition for prizes for the highest score in the games, which were created as semester work from the course Architecture of Computer Games, were prepared for the participants during the event. The event was prepared for the students by the Laboratory of Graphics and Game Design at FIT CTU, APH Games and the Cloud Civilizations research group, studying complex social systems at FIT CTU, with the support of Warhorse StudiosSCS Software and Cinemax

Full GameHack 2023 results and the ability to download and play all games on the event website.