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A delegation of the French Embassy lead by the Ambassador to the Czech Republic Alexis Duterte arrived for a tour of the VR-1 and VR-2 reactors of Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of CTU in Prague (FJFI) on Tuesday, 21 November 2023. In addition to the tour itself, faculty representatives presented the range of activities that FJFI does in the nuclear field - from training professionals in safety to applied research and materials development.

For example, the Ambasador discussed the issue of study programmes that are common to both countries. This is important for the mutual mobility of students between France and the Czech Republic, which has a long tradition (e.g. PHC & Barrande Fellowships and Becquerel prizes).

There are regular student exchanges in areas such as nuclear physics, but also plasma physics (closely linked to ITER), nuclear chemistry, particle physics and materials engineering. France and the Czech Republic are long-standing operators of nuclear facilities and both countries are working together to train young professionals.

The diplomatic visit was accompanied by the dean of FJFI doc. Václav Čuba, Dr. Jan Rataj and Ondřej Novák from the Department of Nuclear Reactors and Dr. Alena Zavadilová from the Department of Nuclear Chemistry.