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The audio guide contains original sound recordings and memories of direct participants of the parade from Prague's Albertov to Národní třída. Anyone can directly follow the steps of the students who started the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia.

The 17th November route includes 19 stops and is freely available in the SmartGuide app (downloadable via the Google Play store or App store). The walk from Albertov through Vyšehrad to Národní třída takes about 2 hours. The participants of the parade, Jan Vondráček and Karel Kratochvíl, made audio recordings of their memories for the audio guide.

At each stop, there is an audio story that connects the current location with history. If location tracking is enabled, the SmartGuide app plays the stories automatically when the phone approaches a stop. However, stories and route information can also be viewed and listened to from the comfort of your home (or in "intro").

SmartGuide s.r.o. is a successful Czech startup of CTU graduates from the university incubator InQbay, which develops a platform for publishing digital audio guides. It offers the SmartGuide app that turns any phone into a personal guide. SmartGuide is currently used by over 600,000 travelers in 600 global destinations.

SmartGuide clients include Switzerland Tourism, Prague City Tourism, Karlovy Vary, Singapore National Heritage Board, Harvard Business School, Dubai Tourism, Pilsner Urquell, RegioJet, Deutsche Bundesbahn and many others.