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Last week, a total of 85 teams from all over the Czech Republic competed in the 3-day FEL CTU Robotics Competition for the 2nd grade of primary schools and the corresponding classes of multi-year grammar schools. Each competition day determined one champion. The teams kepLErGO, Lasy Brick and PDV Crew then competed in a live televised superfinal on Tuesday 3 May. This determined the final winner, which was the PDW Crew team.

This year's spring round of the Robotics Competition organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering once again confirmed that robotics is popular also in primary schools and multi-year grammar schools, both among pupils and teachers. A total of 85 teams from 51 schools and children's and youth homes from all over the country came to present their solutions to the task of robot climbers.

Three days, three winners
The competition had three main rounds in three days, with the same program for the participants. The task of overcoming the mountain ridge was first completed by the teams in warm-ups and then the top 16 teams competed in elimination battles. The main role was always played by points for overcoming obstacles and advancing through the course. Only the total limit of time that the robot had to complete the task was important.

One winner emerged from each day, who, in addition to a diploma and prizes, also received a ticket to the super-final in a live TV broadcast on Breakfast with Nova show.

The competition, or rather its spring round for younger participants, was held after three years hiatus. The last time the young robot developers met was in 2019, the reason for the unplanned break was unsurprisingly coronavirus. This resulted in a smaller turnout, with the older experienced students leaving for high school and the younger ones having nowhere to learn due to ring dropouts. In 2019, a total of 154 teams took part in the competition, this year 108 were entered but only 85 teams actually took part. It can be assumed that it will take a few more years for the competition to return to pre-covid numbers.

Superfinal on TV
The winners of the individual days competed in the superfinal. The key was simple - one round of drive. Whoever scores the most points wins.The PDW Crew team from Wichterle secondary school in Ostrava-Poruba won with a beautiful score of 39 points. Second place with 17 points went to the LasyBrick team from the Písnická Gymnasium in Prague 12 and third place went to the KepLErGO team from the Jan Kepler Gymnasium in Prague 6.

"I am very happy that after several years, we could meet again in the Robocompetition with the participants of the younger category. I was impressed by the enthusiasm with which the participants threw themselves into the solution," says Martin Hlinovský. "It was obvious that everyone was looking forward to the competition and I hope they enjoyed it. Unfortunately, not everybody did well in the competition, but it is important that they all took it spirit of sportsmanship. Sometimes luck was the deciding factor, and those who didn't have one this year may have it next year," he added.