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Our Ukrainian colleagues,

At the moment when your country has been barbarically attacked by the troops of the Russian Federation, I would like to express to all of you the full support of our university! Not only I personally, together with the management of the university, but also the management of the faculties and institutes and all our employees and students are ready to help you and stand behind you.

We will face the barbaric acts of Russia together with you and we will try to help you in solidarity as much as the university can! In the coming hours, funds will be released to enable us to implement what will be needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs and with suggestions about how best to help. We certainly have in mind students and employees in material need. We can also help with official questions of residence, inviting your colleagues from Ukraine, arranging their stay. We are ready to take care of you, as far as we can.

The free people of the world stand in line with you, and will not back down or bend over to violence! CTU fully supports the government of Ukraine, the sovereignty and indivisibility of your country.

Ukrainian flags are flying over our university as a sign that we are in this fight with you!

Vojtech Petracek

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