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To achieve peak performance, athletes need to be 100% healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the training process with a recovery phase, starting from the early age of athletes. Thanks to the possibilities of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the CTU (FBMI), cooperation with the hockey club Rytíři Kladno has begun in the field of rehabilitation of youth hockey teams.

Students in the final years of the Physiotherapy programme provide medical rehabilitation care for young hockey players. They take care of their musculoskeletal system as part of regeneration after sports performance and therapy of minor injuries or prevention.

Sabina Matoušková, future physiotherapist, adds to the cooperation: "In my spare time, I often move around in the hockey environment and often observe deficiencies in compensating for unilateral physical stress or in completing the rehabilitation process after an injury. Players devote little time to compensatory exercises and increasingly develop faulty posture and associated pain, which in some cases leads to the end of their active sporting careers in youth clubs. My goal is to teach players to take care of their bodies and build habits that will be useful in future hockey seasons. Through this collaboration, I have learned to apply my knowledge in practice. Another activity is the care of the injured, where the team's physiotherapist examines the injured players and based on his valuable advice we then continue the therapy. I firmly believe that I will capitalise on this experience in my future profession, where I would like to focus specifically on sports physiotherapy."

Since the Kladno ice rink is now under reconstruction, rehabilitation care is provided in the faculty building (former Barracks building) in the physiotherapy office, which is available to final year students.

Ing. Aleš Příhoda, FBMI teacher, adds: "This cooperation is very beneficial for us, because not only will the students gain valuable practical experience and help with the rehabilitation of young athletes, but they will also gain data and documents for their final theses."

"Students can develop through this collaboration and our players have quality care. It makes sense for both parties. We are very happy to have embarked on this collaboration. I also got great feedback from our boys about this rehabilitation," says Jan Kregl, general manager of the youth categories of Kladno Knights.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the profession of physiotherapist is in high demand in practice, and this is the reason why there is a great interest in this bachelor's degree programme at FBMI. Last year, the faculty expanded the study of physiotherapy with the addition of a follow-up Master's degree programme in Applied Physiotherapy.

Photo, courtesy of: CTU Faculty of Biomedical Engineering