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The National Centre for Industry 4.0 (NCP4.0) has expanded its scope of activities to include a podcast. Starting 13 January, it will regularly publish a new episode of Inovacast every Thursday - a podcast about Industry 4.0 and the innovative people who make it happen. The content will be available on Spotify and YouTube and is aimed not only at the professional public, but at anyone interested in the future of our society and modern technology.

Inovacast focuses on interesting personalities from the world of business and technology and their opinions, and connects leaders from technology corporations, research organizations, as well as start-ups and small companies. "Our goal is to present prominent personalities and their opinions on how our society will develop or what technologies and phenomena to follow in order to remain ‘competitive’ not only in the business world," says Alena Nováková, Communications Manager of the National Centre for Industry 4.0.

The first guest in the moderator's chair, Aleš Vlk, who has been cooperating with NCP 4.0 for a long time, was Professor Vladimír Mařík, the Czech founding father of Industry 4.0 and scientific director of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at CTU, who is known for his progressive and even visionary views. In the next episodes, we will introduce Luboš Lukasík, a member of the board of T-Mobile CZ, with whom we will discuss not only 5G networks and their possibilities for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, Daria Hvížďalová, a successful researcher and entrepreneur in the field of artificial intelligence from Mainware, or Petr Vostrý and Jitka Řeháková from Česká spořitelna, with whom we will also focus on the possibilities of financing innovation and their perception of modern technologies through the perspective of a financial institution. Other guests of the first series will be Josef Kotrba, chairman of the consulting company Deloitte, and Michal Nevěřil, an expert in robotic workplace safety from Pilz.

Inovacast is the next step in spreading awareness and educating the public on the topic of Industry 4.0, which is gradually entering our everyday lives: that is why we are increasingly encountering the term Society 4.0. The Centre's podcast is a follow-up to popular educational programmes or discussions by industry and government leaders. The podcast format has the ambition to reach a wider audience. "We sensed demand from our audience not only for professional education, but also for a broader discussion on modern technologies and personalities' opinions on current events in society, in a light-hearted form", says NCP 4.0 event manager Alena Nessmithová.

The podcast is produced in collaboration with Deloitte, both as video and audio. It will be available not only on the Centre's website, but also on Spotify and YouTube, and will be expanded to other podcast apps in the future.

On Spotify or as a YouTube video.