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On Wednesday, 24 November 2021, a festive gathering of the academic community took place in Bethlehem Chapel to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Faculty's independence. At the ceremony, where the leading representatives of the faculty inaugurated new gowns designed by Liběna Rochová, medals were awarded to prominent personalities, the Dean's Award was presented to the best students, two exhibitions were opened and two new books were launched.

The teaching of architecture at Czech Technical University has a long tradition; it has always been a natural part of engineers’ education. The Faculty of Architecture at CTU in Prague has been in existence since 22 September 1976, when legislation on the faculties of architecture at technical universities in Prague, Brno and Bratislava came into force. "The restoration of independent faculties of architecture by separating architectural disciplines from the faculties of civil engineering in 1976 was motivated primarily by the desire to create a more independent and specific environment for education of architects and civil engineers," explains Ladislav Lábus, dean of the Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University.

During an extensive program of the ceremony, medals were awarded to personalities with significant achievements in scientific, pedagogical and artistic activities.

Felber Medal Ist degree - gold was awarded to prof. Ing. arch. Jan Jehlík and prof. Ing. arch. Karel Maier, CSc. The Felber Medal is awarded as an honor to employees for their significant pedagogical and scientific activities for the benefit of CTU.

CTU Medal Ist degree - gold was awarded to RNDr. Dana Kolářová. The CTU Medal is intended for personalities who have made significant contributions to the development of the university at home or abroad.

FA CTU Medal for contribution to the development of the faculty was awarded to Ing. arch. Naděžda Goryczková, Assoc. Ing. arch. Petr Hlaváček, Ing. arch. Jan Kasl, doc. Ing. arch. Patrik Kotas, prof. Ing. arch. Roman Koucký, prof. Ing. arch. Bohumil Kováč, CSc., prof. Ing. arch. Vladimír Krátký, prof. PhDr. Petr Kratochvíl, CSc., Ing. arch. Pavla Kvízová, Ing. arch. Pavol Paňák and Ing. Pavel Štěpán.

More details on individual awards and their recipients can be found on the faculty's website.

Dean's Awards

Every semester, approximately 1,000 studio works are created at the Faculty of Architecture. Thanks to the electronicgallery on the website of the Faculty of Architecture of CTU, it is possible to browse, search and filter them according to various criteria at any time. The new Dean's Award competition aims to highlight and reward exceptional student work and motivate students to more excellent accomplishments.

As part of the celebrations, Dean Ladislav Lábus presented the prizes to the winners.

The winner of the Dean's Award for a semester project was Filip Bernard with his project Czech House in Taiwan, which he developed in the Ondřej Císler and Lenka Milerová studio.

In the Dean's Award for a diploma project category, the winner was Jan Pernekr with his project Bubenečský Břeh, which he developed under the supervision of Boris Redčenkov.

The winner of the Dean's Award for Science and Research was Jan Petrš with his project Building Robotic Systems, which he developed in the Miloš Florián studio..

Launch of new books and two exhibitions

Two new books were introduced and launched during the ceremony. The modern history of the Faculty of Architecture in Prague is summarized in the book Memories and Notes, which was published on the occasion of the anniversary of the teaching of architecture at CTU in Prague in 1920-2020. Its author is the prominent Czech architectural historian and teacher, Professor Vladimír Šlapeta.

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the restoration of its independence, the faculty published Architecture Today 1976-2021. Alma Mater Today, which provides a brief overview of the history of the faculty, a complete list of faculty members, teaching staff, foreign guests, academic degrees and awards, lists of graduates, published books and interviews. A large space in the book is devoted to the pictorial section, which offers a selection of the most remarkable projects carried out by the faculty and the best awarded student works.

You can see for yourselves that the teachers at the faculty's studios are architects undoubtedly rankingamong the best at the FA 45/1976-2021/Alma Mater Dnes exhibition at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, which presents the best works of the Faculty of Architecture's teachers for the last 5 years.

The last exhibition to open is the 25 Years of Urban Design Award exhibition, which can be seen outside the entrance to the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery. During 25 years of its existence, over 750 projects from 11 universities have been submitted to this competition; 269 students received the awards for 172 projects.

Photo gallery from the ceremony in Bethlehem Chapel

Photo gallery from the opening of the exhibition at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Photo, source: Lubomír Kotek