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The current Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU, prof. Ing. Jiří Máca, CSc., FEng. will continue to lead the Faculty after his appointment by the Rector of CTU. On 20 October 2021, he was elected by the Academic Senate of the Faculty as Dean for the second term of office, February 2022 - January 2026.

In addition to emphasizing the quality of teaching while maintaining a student-friendly environment, Prof. Jiří Máca plans to focus on obtaining accreditation for the remaining continuing master's degree programmes and implementing online tools to support standard contact teaching. He considers the key task to defend the excellent evaluation of the faculty in the next evaluation of science by external assessors and thus contribute to defending the position of CTU in the group of research universities. His programme also includes investment projects at the faculty - one of the most important should be the reconstruction of Building B.

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