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Institut Europeum has issued a publication "Assessment of current state, past experiences and potential for CCS deployment in the CEE region", which provides an interesting overview of the highly topical topic of carbon capture and storage/utilization (CCS/U) in the Czech Republic, i.e. technologies for capturing and storing or using CO2 from energy processes.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU has been carrying out intensive research in this area for a long time and has a number of successful activities, which are also mentioned in the text. Currently, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU in Prague is implementing a project called "Low Carbon Energy Technologies Centre", focused on energy conversions with a negative balance of CO2 emissions. The Department of Energy Engineering, the Department of Process and Processing Technology and the Department of Environmental Engineering are cooperating on the project. Other partners include the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, and outside our university, the Brno University of Technology, the University of Science and Technology Ostrava and the Institute of Thermomechanics of the CAS.

Publication is available for download.