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The Faculty of Information Technology of the CTU in Prague (FIT CTU) launches a new technology podcast called Ones and Zeros. The very first episode is dedicated to a current topic - drones and their use. The host of the podcast is the well-known science popularizer Sara Polak, whose task is to interview experts from FIT CTU once a month and answer questions from the world of IT together. The faculty launched the podcast thematically on 10 October, 2021.

The aim of the FIT CTU podcast is to introduce the latest information technologies to the general public, including high school students, and thus contribute to the popularization of this field, which is nowadays indispensable in many areas.

Why the name One and Zero? The functioning of computers is based on the binary system consisting of ones and zeros. They are the cornerstones of computing and programming.

"One of the faculty's goals is to popularize science and inform about the projects that are being developed here. I believe that this new technology podcast is an attractive way to introduce information technology and the work of our IT experts not only to professionals but also to the general public," says Assoc. Marcel Jiřina, Dean of FIT CTU.  

Each episode of the podcast is dedicated to one selected current issue in the field of IT, answered by experts from FIT CTU. They directly explain what new technologies are around us and how they can affect us. Listeners will learn how the IT technology is used in practice.

In the first episode, titled "When will drones deliver our groceries?" the audience will hear from an expert from FIT CTU Ing. Lukáš Brchl, the expert from FITIT, will learn what drones are currently and in the future realistically used in practice. Mr. Brchl also founded the startup company Dronetag, which provides solutions for safe and efficient operation of drones in normal air traffic.

The podcast is hosted by well-known science popularizer Sara Polak, who has been informing the public about the development of artificial intelligence for several years and founded the Paioneers at Paralelní Polis technical clubhouse. The theme song was created by faculty alumnus and music producer Jakub Baierl.

A new episode of the Ones and Zeros podcast will be produced every month. Listeners can listen to it on and on Spotify, Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts