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The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (FBMI) has received accreditation for a new follow-up master's degree program in Applied Physiotherapy.

The main orientation of the program in the Czech Republic is an unprecedented concept of teaching at a technically oriented university. In clinical practice, it turns out that medicine and other medical disciplines require increasingly intensive interdisciplinary cooperation with technical disciplines. The aim of this close cooperation is both the application of current scientific knowledge, but also the creation, development and testing of innovative technologies in order to improve the prognosis of the outcome of therapy. 

In addition to the indispensable teaching of traditional diagnostic and therapeutic methods, the focus of the two-year master's degree program will enable students to become acquainted with robotic rehabilitation - a modern, currently increasingly used method especially in the rehabilitation of neurological or neurodegenerative diseases. However, more and more professional publications also deal with applications of robotic systems outside the neurological discipline, for example in pediatrics or in the traumatology of the musculoskeletal system. Two years ago, the Faculty built a unique Laboratory of Robotic Rehabilitation in the Czech Republic, equipped with state-of-the-art robotic devices for restoring gait or gripping functions of the hand. "Thanks to this multi-million investment, we can be proud of technology comparable to the best equipped rehabilitation care workplaces in the Czech Republic and at the same time we are the first domestic university with such a comprehensively equipped rehabilitation laboratory," adds Ing. Aleš Příhoda. 

Students will also get acquainted in detail with the issue of telemedicine, which has an irreplaceable role in the unpredictable reduction of contact health care. As Vice-dean for studies and pedagogical activities doc. Mgr. Zdeněk Hon, Ph.D. adds: “The aim of the study is to prepare graduates for the profession of physiotherapist with specialized qualifications. The graduate will not only be able to work independently in the entire field of physiotherapy, but will also gain knowledge in the field of technical sciences, which relate to robotic rehabilitation systems and other medical devices.

The first 20 students will start a new follow-up study program this autumn. 

More info on the study program can be found here.