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The website offers an overview of vacancies for vaccination against COVID-19. The aim of the application is to offer the citizens of the Czech Republic a quick overview of free capacities, which has not been available anywhere before. The application was developed by Marek Sušický and Jan Staněk from the Open Data Laboratory, a joint workplace of the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT ČVUT) and the company Profinit. The newly published open data also helped them to do this.

Currently, there are large inequalities between vaccination sites in the supply of COVID-19 vaccination. In some places it is difficult to find people suitable for vaccination, in others people wait for long weeks without success. However, the reservation system does not allow you to choose a place according to the available capacity. The overview is offered by the new web application from experts from the Open Data Laboratory (OpenDataLab). Their work is an example of possibilities of open data, which in this case can help people in the most important thing - in protecting their health. 

"When a colleague and I tried to get vaccination dates for relatives in January, we found that there was nowhere to look at an overview of vacancies," describes Marek Sušický. "That's why we started to look at how we could help with the open data we do professionally. However, we initially lacked official open data for our application, so we made the first version of the application purely as a personal project and based it on unofficial data. However, this changed at the beginning of March, when the data were issued by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic. That is why we are now moving the application under OpenDataLab, "he adds to the subsequent development of the web application. 

Currently, website traffic is just over 10,000 hits a day and is rising every day. "We are constantly expanding the website and we also receive a lot of comments and ideas for improvement from programmers and users. If other more detailed data are published by the state, we will certainly include them in the overview, "describes the further development of the Sušický web application. 

The faculty and Profinit EU opened the joint laboratory OpenDataLab in 2019. Students can try working with open data sources. The laboratory thus gives them the opportunity to examine data on transport services, state management, the environment and many other areas, in the form of semestral and final theses. Their results, as well as the results of their teachers, really help to improve the quality of life of Czech citizens.