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The Maria Theresa Park in Prague's Hradčany is now dominated by the Maria Theresa Monument, which was ceremoniously unveiled here by representatives of Prague 6 on the occasion of the 280th anniversary of her taking rule over the Habsburg Empire. On this occasion, a visualization of the statue was created as part of a project to support tourism in Prague 6. The project was created in cooperation with the Center for Digitization and Educational Technologies (CEDET) at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, CTU (CIIRC). The main authors of the 3D visualization are brothers Michal Kotek and Martin Kotek.

The statue is made of a special polymer mixture, in addition to a protective surface coating against graffiti, weighs seven tons and measures approximately five and a half meters. It thus represents a significant artistic landmark not only of the Maria Theresa Park itself, but of the entire public space in Hradčany near the Blanka tunnel complex.


The sculptor Jan Kovářík and the architect Jan Proksa are behind the design of the monument, together they chose the white silhouette of the faceless ruler. "We wanted to highlight the sheer essence of what is associated with the great queen: a noble presence, a high position and a serious social mission. All this packed in a strictly reduced, but concise concept. I believe that we have achieved a timeless archetype that is able to speak to people in a broader context, "explains Jan Kovářík.


It is said that he watches with interest how the public gradually appropriates the work, even though it has so far become acquainted with it only from models. According to him, this is done through the nicknames that the statue has received so far: it is a "chess piece" or "Ludo" With reference to a well-known board game. "We can imagine the personality of Maria Theresa as an imaginary figure in the political game of past Europe. The monument thus acquires an educational dimension, forcing people to think, consider and even find out who Maria Theresa was, what she did during her life and what she really looked like, “Kovářík offers a multi-layered view of the work with which visitors to Maria Theresa's Park will henceforth meet.


You can find the visualisation here.