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You can visit the world premiere of the exhibition "iMucha - the famous collection in motion" in the Prague Municipal House from 21 August. Among other things, the exhibition features an animated self-portrait of Alfons Mucha or moving beauties from his famous posters. The animations were created also with the help of the EbSynth tool, which was developed by the emerging company Secret Weapons, which is backed by conceptual designer Jakub Javora and researchers Ondřej Jamriška and Šárka Sochorová from the team of prof. Daniel Sýkora from the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Thanks to their efforts, the world-unique algorithms developed at the department are coming into real practice.

Team leader prof. Daniel Sýkora said of the project: “Our long-term goal is to put the results of academic research into practice. In the case of this project, there was an excellent synergy. The idea of reviving the fascinating work of Alfons Mucha, backed by the iMucha project implementation team, and the fact that it was carried out with the help of modern algorithms developed by a new generation of talented Czech researchers, fills me with great joy. I think that Alfons Mucha himself - a lover of modern technologies - would be enthusiastic about this cooperation. "