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The University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University participated in a unique scientific experiment. Within its framework, biodynamic lighting was installed in the Home for the Elderly in Beroun and subsequently its effectiveness on the physiological and mental functions of clients and caregivers were evaluated. The results showed that the tested special lights are a significant contribution to improving the quality of human life.

The CTU UCEEB platform for healthy lighting cooperated with Spectrasol and the National Institute for Mental Health (NUDZ) on a pilot application of biodynamic lighting and follow-up experimental research. “We replaced the lighting in six rooms, including the hall and bathrooms, in the main dining room, in the two nurse rooms, in the creative workshop and in the main hallway. In cooperation with experts from the Czech Technical University, it was possible to design lighting for daytime running lights that are spectrally close to natural light from the sun, evening lights that have a low content of the blue component of the spectrum as in the sunset light, and night time lighting system where over time the biologically toxic blue component is completely eliminated, such as in light from a fire. While full-spectrum revitalizing daylight promotes cognitive performance and good mood, evening light, thanks to the innovative distribution, is abundantly sufficient for the visual orientation of clients and staff, ”explained Hynek Medřický, a lighting systems expert from Spectrasol.

You can read more details about the experiment and its results in the press and final research report on the NUDZ website.


Contact person:  Jana Simčinová