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The Faculty of Civil Engineering engaged in complete reconstruction of its two largest lecture halls. Originally, a total of 480 students could sit in the classrooms built in 1978, after the reconstruction, the capacity of the premises will be increased to 540 seats, of which 12 for people with reduced mobility. The plan is to conclude the works by the end of this year, students should sit in the auditoriums again in January 2021. The contract was won in tender by VW Wachal. The author of the project is Grebner company.

Since its commissioning in 1978, the overhanging auditoriums in building B of the Faculty of Civil Engineering have undergone two partial modernizations. In 2001, joinery products such as benches, paneling and a chair were replaced. At the same time, new electrical wiring, including lighting, was installed and a new ceiling was built. In 2007, the air-conditioning engine room needed for cooling, heating and air exchange in the halls was replaced.


"We have been planning an overhaul for a long time. The current state of these lecture halls is not suitable in terms of their technological equipment. For example, it was not possible to use modern teaching methods due to the limited number of data networks. Also, their technical condition is not generally good and does not provide adequate comfort for teaching. At the end of their service life are all network distribution, heating and ventilation. The facade and roof show significant heat leakage. The halls´ acoustics are also bad, "says Ing. Adam Vokurka, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for Construction of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. 


The reconstruction will include renovation of the building's facade, it's transparent part will be glazed with triple-layered glazing, and the roof of the buildings will be replaced and insulated. The abstract plastic stone mosaic by Martin Sladký on the facade of both auditoriums will be preserved, as the insulation will be placed from the interior part of the walls. The ceiling structure of both halls will be strengthened by an auxiliary steel structure supporting a new acoustical ceiling. In order to enable access to the technological equipment in the ceiling of the auditoriums, inspection gangways will be installed. "Furthermore, the lecture halls will be equipped with new seats with power outlets for students' computers, the new lecturing table will offer USB connection and network connection, and heating, air conditioning and wiring will be replaced. Fire alarms, audiovisual technology, network wiring, access and camera system will be newly installed, “ specifies Ing. Magda Lambojová, head of the department of investment of the faculty. Alongside the reconstruction, the modernization of the sanitary facilities located between the lecture halls will also take place.


The reconstruction began in June, when teaching does not take place during the standard academic year. For the winter semester, which begins on 21 September, the capacity of other lecture halls at the faculty will be used for mass teaching. Students should return to the reconstructed premises in January 2021. The total cost of the reconstruction is planned at CZK 83.9 million, of which 71.3 million is subsidized from the Ministry of Education. The faculty's own invested funds will amount to 12.6 million crowns.


 Photo: Grebner source