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In 2010, classmates Jan Sova and Jan Kovář graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. During their last year of study, they founded the now successful start-up, ie Workswell s.r.o., which was soon joined by their third colleague Adam Švestka.

Workswell s.r.o. was established in the premises of the CTU Business Incubator in March 2010 and has been profiled from the very beginning on the issue of non-contact temperature measurement, i.e. thermography. The company started with only small capital and so in the beginning of its existence focused on providing services and distribution of products in this field. During 2014, it focused on the development and production of its own Czech thermal imagers. In addition to standard instruments,Workswell s.r.o. has been able to respond to the latest trends and has become one of the first companies to offer drone thermal imagers (now grown to an entire thermal imagers portfolio) and the manufacturer of the unique “intelligent” SMARTIS thermal imager or SAFETIS fire protection system.

“The most recent example of our colleagues' rapid response was that in early January 2020, the development of the Workswell MEDICAS thermal imaging camera had been kicked off, intended for the screening of feverish infectious diseases. It helps in the fight against infection with COVID-19 caused by a new virus of unclear origin bearing the designation SARS-CoV-2, ”said Jan Sova.


Based on non-contact measurements, the thermal imager can detect people with heightened temperature in a group of people. The thermal imager measures surface temperature with an uncertainty of 0.3 ° C and is therefore able to accurately determine the temperature on the surface of human skin and inform in case of exceeding the alarm value. To achieve such a high precision, the thermal imager gets help from a second device - a black body, with which the metrological traceability is ensured. Although, of course, not every disease carrier is currently undergoing a feverish condition, this device helps to reduce infectious pressure and thus slow or prevent the spread of the disease. Note that not only coronaviruses, but also some influenza strains (eg H1N1) can lead to severe disease or even death, with one of the symptoms of the disease being elevated patient temperature.

The company used many years of experience in the field of thermal cameras to develop the product, but also long-term cooperation with CTU, where Workswell s.r.o. participates in the implementation of projects and teaching. Also interesting is the experience with "copying" of the products. This took place at an unprecedented rate, and the first "Asian copies" appeared two months after the thermal imager was commercially launched, before that the shortest "reaction time" had been one year.