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The mission of SmartGuide is to make every mobile a personal guide and change the quality of travel. Instead of spending time searching for information and hassle with navigation, travelers will enjoy an authentic experience. Innovative technology, augmented reality, and user-friendliness have also attracted experts that voted SmartGuide to be the Travel Startup of the year 2018. SmartGuide is developed by an interesting team.

Heaps of paper have been replaced by an interactive application with intuitive control, using geolocation, audio and augmented reality that makes it almost like a living person. Today, SmartGuide services are already being used by a number of progressive travel agencies and tourist attractions, including Prague, Marianske Lazne, Terezin, but you can also find them at places in 20 other countries, such as Harvard University. The application makes it easy to digitize information about tourist attractions.

The mobile app uses geographic location information, guides tourists through voice, and can transfer it to augmented reality. The traveler can thus meet digital Executor at the Old Town Square in Prague, who will describe how the execution of the 27 masters took place the four centuries ago. SmartGuide received a 15 million investment from Grouport and other international investors in mid-March. Startup is also assisted by experienced mentors from Sillicon Valley, through the CzechInvest program and the background of the CTU InQbay incubator, providing access to the latest technologies and talents. The project's authors plan to expand to more than 300 destinations, guide hundreds of thousands of travelers and offer the new service to carriers, travel agents and other partners.

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