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The new Internet application for controlling the interactive facade at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Dejvice was developed by students from the Center for Knowledge Management (CZM). Visitors to the site will learn about the graphics it is currently displaying, or they can change it according to the selected template. The LINKY facade also provides information on public transport departures, displays binary hours, or can even launch a simplified version of the world-famous Space Invaders arcade game.

Last year, the Knowledge Management Center of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering took over the three-year old project LINKY so that students could extend the possibilities of using the interactive lighting facade. Instead of just animations, LINKY should now serve as a help as well as a leisure activity for students and other visitors to the Vítězné náměstí square at Dejvice in Prague. The API (Application Programming Interface) for LINKY was linked to a new application created in the CZM directly for this purpose. It can be accessed via the web page.

LINKY offers the following applications:

•    Public transport departures - The individual columns indicate the relevant public transport lines that are most frequently used by students at the Dejvice campus. Each vertical line is a loading-bar, which culminates at the time of departure. The color of the light determines whether the student can catch his connection by walking, pacing or sprinting as in a race.

•    Space Invaders - Simplified version of the world-famous arcade game. The last line segment is an imaginary floating spacecraft that has to shoot down enemy incoming objects.

•    Binary Clock - The application displays current time in binary form. The second and fourth columns serve as separators.

•    Czech flag - The app shows the Czech flag for holidays and other important occasions.

The light installation to commemorate Jan Palach's memorial can be watched on YouTube channel of Faculty of Electrical Engineering