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In September 2017, the book Prague unbuilt was published by CTU Publishing House. Klára Brůhová from the Faculty of Architecture presents architectural designs that never happened from the end of the 19th century to the times of the First Republic. At present, more than half of the copies has been sold out, and the book's topic is also engulfed by the media.

The turn of the century, and especially the subsequent period of the Czechoslovak Republic, brought many new urban visions. After years of Viennese influence, suddenly there was the possibility to try to make Prague a modern city and to apply the long suppressed emancipation ambitions of the Czech nation. There were a number of architectural contests for buildings and entire areas that had significant impact on the city's image. The vast majority of the proposed projects did not come to fruition, so many visions of Prague streets and places remained on paper only. These unfulfilled projects, in which architects and urban planners have projected their ideas of Prague as a confident metropolis of the new era, are the subject of the book.

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