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On 4 September, with almost two hundred guests, the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CIIRC), started to develop three important activities. In cooperation with the founding partners, the National Center of Industry 4.0 (NCP 4.0) was established by the solemn signature of a Memorandum. The center aims to disseminate awareness on Industry 4.0 and develop close cooperation between the academic and industrial spheres. In addition, CIIRC introduced the Testbed for Industry 4.0 as a new research and experimental workplace for testing innovative solutions and processes for so-called smart factories. And last but not least, CIIRC, in cooperation with BUT Brno and the leading German research organizations DFKI and ZeMA, launched a prestigious European project, the RICAIP, that develops a completely new concept of advanced industrial production.

The main founding members and initiators of the NCP 4.0 are also the Technical University in Brno, Siemens, Škoda Auto, the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, the Central Bohemian Innovation Center and the South Moravian Innovation Center.

NCP 4.0 is naturally linked to the projects implemented in Testbed for Industry 4.0, which also originated at CIIRC and whose first phase was introduced today. The testbed is an entirely unique concept of a test production line that, thanks to the variability of machines, robots, and software tools, including the combination of expanded and virtual reality, will allow to test Industry 4.0 processes prior to their introduction into real-world manufacturing. The testbed will gradually be upgraded with modern technologies that are close to the current technology capabilities, and will be the first of its kind in Europe after its completion.

The CIIRC also presented itself as the main coordinator together with partner organizations, the Czech CEITEC in Brno and the German DFKI and ZeMA, a project of the new RICAIP multinational center, which aims to functionally link testbeds in the Czech Republic and Germany and lay the foundations of the first European research infrastructure in the area of the advanced distributed production.  

More details about the event can be found in the press release.

The paper Hospodářské noviny also informed about the event.