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The Research group of prof. Michal Pěchouček founded Artificial Intelligence center (AI Center) at the Computer Department of Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It builds on the work of the Centre of Agent Technology. Its main mission will be to house both basic and applied research in artificial intelligence, industrial cooperation and artificial intelligence technology transfer.

The Game theory, multiagent simulations, inteligent planning, machine learning, AI applications in computational robotics and drones, intelligent transportation technologies of the future (from air traffic to cycling) or cybernetic security and critical infrastructure protection are among the topics of interest for 35 scientists, including doctoral students at the newly created centre. Spectial research groups are established for each of the mentioned research fields.

The centre will build upon technological success of the Agent Technologies Center, known for one of the most extensive research cooperations with american defence forces in Central Europe, as well as for effective partnership with industry and for founding thriving startups.

The workplace is financed by american government agencies, GAČR projects, European research projects as well as by partners from industry, such as CISCO Systems, Google, Foxconn or Procter and Gamble.

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