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Under the framework of a project by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, called Advanced navigation for the visually impaired, a team of doc. Jiři Choda of Faculty of Electrical Engineering introduced a breakthrough concept of navigation for the visually impaired. It is based on a newly developed white cane coupled with a smartphone and navigation center.

The new design is based on the application of 2G / 3G / 4G mobile networks, thus the data transfer, meaning the navigation data, voice communication and video transmission, can happen along with the regular use of white cane and a mobile phone. It is controlled through wireless buttons of the cane interface and the user can now be navigated not only by a professional navigation center, but especially his family.

The visually impaired person chooses whether he will be remotely assisted by the orientation center or someone close to him before traveling outside. Whenever necessary, he can then connect with the navigator through the phone and validate his position. Thanks to the online image transfer from the camera of the smartphone, he even has an option to ask for detailed information about his current location.

Putting the advanced navigation into practice is expected in the second quarter of 2016. The invention will be offered through TyfloCenter and its use will be subject to training.

The Czech Television, Czech press agency, and others had informed about the new cane.