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A total of 16 lego robots, built by teams from the 2nd degree of primary schools and the corresponding years of multi-year high schools, competed in front of the festival crowds at Maker Faire Prague on Sunday 12 May within the finals of the spring Robocompetition of FEL CTU. Everything turned out a bit differently than in the April preliminary rounds - the winning team called Kraken from Příbram high school overcame two strong competitors from Prague 4, who came in second and third place, in the task of sorting cubes. A total of 115 teams from 60 different schools took part in the spring competition.

This year's Robocompetition task for three-person teams of primary school pupils and the corresponding years of multi-year grammar schools was called Sorting coloured cubes. The goal was to build a robot from a LEGO Mindstorms kit and program it to independently pick up as many colored bricks as possible from the competition area and sort them into the available bins on the playground - all within a time limit of 90 seconds.

Příbram scored points at the festival

Maker Faire Prague took place at the Prague Exhibition Centre on the weekend of 11th and 12th May and attracted a record attendance of 12,000 visitors. In the pavilion, where other teachers and members of the Cybernetics and Robotics study programme at FEL CTU also presented their projects, was the Robo Competition arena, the final of which took place on Sunday at 12 noon. The following winners emerged from the elimination fight at the end of the final:

1. place: team Kraken represented by Lukášem Koma from Gymnázium Příbram.

2. place: team Labužníci consisting Lukáš Molnáry, Jakub Hajný and Vojtěch Nerad from ZŠ Klíček v Praze 4 – Chodov.

3. place: team Gyrotechnici consisting Tomáš Bocan, Jan Pospíšil and Lukáš Šebor from Gymnázium Písnická v Praze 4.

"Congratulations not only to the winner from Příbram, but also to all the participants of this year's Spring Robocompetition for Primary Schools, which were really many - a total of 115 teams from 60 different schools participated in all rounds," said Dr. Martin Hlinovský from the Department of Control Engineering, FEL CTU. "And I am happy that the winners from Příbram and Prague 4 were able to present themselves at the Maker Faire Prague festival, which had a record number of visitors this year, and many more people got acquainted with robotics in our competition. In September, the Robocompetition will continue with the autumn stage for secondary schools."  

Detailed information about the Robocompetition 2024 for primary schools can be found on the Robocompetition website or Facebook page. Information about the festival including photos of fake projects can be found on the Maker Faire Prague website.

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Radovan Suk