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This year, for the third time, the finals of the Technology Olympiad, organized by the company Technologická gramotnost s.r.o., took place on Friday, April 12, 2024 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU. The competition has seen great interest among students, with almost 1,600 students registered for the school round. The one-day finals in Prague were attended by 78 students from secondary schools and grammar schools from all over the Czech Republic, who were divided into 26 teams.

During the day, students had to develop a project on one of ten topics that the organisers consider to be current challenges in the world of technology. "With this being the third year, we see a huge progression in the students not only in communication, presentation, but also working with the tools that today's world allows." Says project founder Tadeáš Salaba.

The Olympiad was dominated by a trio of girls

This year's final was won by the all-girl Techboss team of Marika Pfauserová, Anna Kubešová and Eva Kaftanová from PORG gymnasium. The girls came up with an app "ProKrok" for seniors, which very appropriately adapted the guides for healthy movement of seniors always according to individual needs, including integrations to medical reports, appointments, records of controls and perhaps even the development of their treatment.

The team of Slibotechna, consisting of Lukáš Tabery, Vojtěch Kaláb and David Vychodil from the Cyril and Methodius High School in Prostějov, came up with the idea of sharing 3D printers, for example within a housing estate, with a simple user interface and the possibility of choosing from preset functions. In addition, the integration into practice is connected to the classic, already existing boxes of delivery companies. 3D printing thus becomes accessible to everyone.

The third place went to the ElektroAutisti team consisting of Pavel Viktora, Kryštof Věříš and Petr Panenka from the Gymnasium, Prague 9, Chodovická with the idea of developing an algorithm "Don't tip", which can detect fraudulent calls and messages with the help of AI. Thanks to this algorithm, it would be possible to reduce the amount of fraudulent practices through communication devices.

There was a great mood and atmosphere during the finale, which was moderated by Sara Polak, an AI populariser and trained archaeologist. "The standards have risen incredibly over the last few years, and considering the students are only in high school, I was surprised by the interdisciplinary overlap of some of the teams and the incredible amount of ideas and thinking behind them." Polak adds.

The general partner of the project is Škoda Auto a.s. The expert sponsors are CEZ Group, GasNet and Next Generation Security Solutions s.r.o. The Technology Olympiad project is run in cooperation with FEE CTU in Prague, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. Media partners - Ámos vision and Wired.

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