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The demand for graduates of CTU's computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering faculties on the labour market is unceasing. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FEM) of CTU and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) of CTU in Prague are meeting the demand by organizing the third edition of the Career Days. The aim of the event, which will take place on 9 and 10 April 2024 at the premises of both faculties in Dejvice, is to enable direct contact of three and a half thousand students of the FEE and two and a half thousand students of the FEM with employers of various sizes, from large Czech industrial giants to small progressive start-ups.


"I don't know anyone who hasn't found a job after graduating from FEE, and this is confirmed by the statistics and surveys we organise for this purpose. Career Days give us the opportunity to further develop cooperation with companies and to mediate their contact with our students. The aim is to give them a more concrete idea of the opportunities on the labour market during their studies and to give them suggestions for their further professional development, including the topics of their final theses," said Prof. Petr Páta, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU.

According to Prof. Petr Páta, the demand for graduates of the CTU Faculty of  Electrical Engineering in the field of computer science and electrical engineering is based on their quality and specialization in the areas of technological trends that will shape the future of society. Whether it is nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and energy, telecommunication networks, bioinformatics or space technologies, all these areas can be studied at FEE. Both the field of electrical engineering and computer science at CTU are rated as the best in the Czech Republic.

Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU in Prague, Associate Professor Miroslav Španiel, commented on the preparation of the third edition of the event: "The Career Days proved that there is still a huge demand for graduates of mechanical and electrical engineering at CTU. Over eighty industrial partners presented their companies and job offers last year, and over five thousand students sought information and made personal contacts with them. The course of the event confirmed that Career Days are useful not only for companies, but also for our students, so we will continue to organize such events."

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the very good experience with the graduates of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is due to doc. Miroslav Španiel, quality study programmes that provide comprehensive education for design, preparation and production management, construction and development of new machines as well as application of informatics and artificial intelligence.

The main partners of this year's Career Days will be ČEZ, Škoda Auto, GE, Valeo, Rohde & Schwarz, Qminers, ÚJV and Altron. The programme includes company presentations, lectures, group and individual discussions and workshops.

Representatives of the companies will be available to students on both days from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in the corridors near the lecture halls of both faculties. The Career Days of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of CTU will include an accompanying programme in which companies will address students with their professional topics. Further information about the Career Days of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, including registered companies and their presentations, can be found here


Photos from last year's event can be found here. Source Petr Neugebauer, FEE CTU

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