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CTU in Prague has never had and to this date has no financial obligation to any state institution. This was confirmed by the just completed audit of the Financial Adminstration. All doubts were unjustified and the school maintains its good name.

With regard to the audit of a possible breach of budgetary discipline in the case of the project of CTU (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) and GE Aviation, the Financial Administration decided unequivocally that no breach of fiscal  discipline had occurred, issued no sanction and terminated the audit without further action.

"This puts an end to all the doubts in the media about the University's debt-free status and its relationship to the state administration and the state budget. CTU in Prague has not had and does not have any obligations to any state government institution. All doubts were therefore false and there was no damage to the reputation of the school at all," said Vojtěch Petráček, Rector of CTU. "If it is proven that individuals or legal entities have claimed otherwise, CTU in Prague will consider legal action," Rector Petraček added.

The newspaper Hospodářské noviny tried to raise some doubts with article about the financing of a project stimulating the development of the aerospace industry in the Czech Republic, in cooperation between CTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and GE Aviation. The editor-in-chief of HN was immediately notified about the falsity of this information.

CTU in Prague is responding to the Notice of termination of tax audit from the Financial Administration for the Capital City of Prague, Special Activities Control Department. This tax audit was initiated in August 2023. Its results clearly establish that the repayable financial assistance funds constitute direct financing of the project, as decided by the Government of the Czech Republic in its Resolution No 125 of 21 February 2024.

The project stimulating the development of the aerospace industry in the Czech Republic was launched in 2016. The test infrastructure for aircraft engines was built by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 2016-2022 and is now successfully under operation. This educational and research infrastructure enables the development of advanced industrial production in the field of aircraft engines in the Czech Republic and forms the basis for the education of professionals in this field.

Experts from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have managed to build a facility for the production of new generation turboprop and turbine engines with a significantly lower carbon footprint.The cooperation between CTU and GE Aviation has resulted in the creation of five test rooms where engine tests, digital simulations and analyses are carried out.The government's expectations have thus been fulfilled, as was stated several years ago.

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Kateřina Veselá