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Postgradual education in healthcare has been undergoing a major change since last spring, which concerns not only the administration of teaching, but the administration of the whole process. For a year now, the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education (IPVZ) has been successfully working on a key project of an innovative information system for the administration of healthcare professionals' education. The project therefore bears the working title "Administrator", and since it is not only about fundamental changes in the area of administration and information processing, but also about complex technical solutions, the IPVZ has concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation with Faculty of Information Technology of Czech Technical University in Prague (FIT CTU). By signing the Memorandum, both parties create a framework for close cooperation, especially in the area of technological development of the application platform of the project "Administrator" itself.

"The Administrator information system, once deployed, should bring significantly greater clarity in the administration of health worker education, significantly simplify and speed up the entry of applicants for specialisation training into this process and, last but not least, facilitate the agenda related to identifying and verifying valid information about participants and providers of medical staff education," said Irena Maříková, Director of the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education.

As part of the recently concluded Memorandum of Cooperation between IPVZ and FIT CTU, the analytical team of the Administrator project joined with students and faculty teachers to design the evaluation module of the Administrator application. The IPVZ team will collaborate with FIT CTU within the project-oriented course "Team Project 1" conducted under the Department of Software Engineering of FIT CTU. The students of this course form analytical and design teams of about 3 to 7 members, in which they use software engineering methods to solve real projects that often have an overlap with the commercial sphere, in this case the public sector.

"Within the framework of the project Administrator, IPVZ commissioned the department of FIT CTU to analyse the existing and time-tested evaluation module of the university, the so-called CTU Surveys. The use of an existing and proven evaluation system, which has been piloted for years at the university, will allow the IPVZ team to significantly reduce the time for developing a similar application and will substantially reduce the cost of the entire project," Daniel Rovný, IPVZ Deputy Director for IT and Digital Transformation, explained the cooperation.

Within the FIT CTU, a group of 7 students signed up for this project under the supervision of their teacher and member of the IPVZ analytical team Ing. Jiří Chludil, who is their professor and their teacher, and the analytical team of the project Administrator. The result of their cooperation will be a feasibility study of the use and possible further modifications of the already existing evaluation module "CTU Survey" for the needs of the Administrator project, which will digitize specialization education in Czech health care. 

The Memorandum confirms the established long-term cooperation, among other things, in the spirit of the creed "We respect the past but create the future".

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Ivana Macnarová